Official visit of a Rorschach exercise

EXERCISE, continued from page 1 The DTP is readying to raise theiı “democratic autonomy” demand to solve the country’s Kurdish question, vvhereas the CHP is Iikely to express their ııneasiness vvith the description of “moderate islam” attributed to Turkey by the former U.S. adminis tration. And businessmen vvaııt re freshed talks on building qualified industrial zones to be able to increase custom free trade vvith the United States.

Selehattin Demirtaş ot the DTP said thev planned to eonvev a di ıssıcr involving a series ot proposals, in cluding their demand of “democratic autonomy” tor the Southeast in a bid lo solve the country’s Kurdish problem. He said they hoped Obama vvould contribute to the solution of the Kurdish problem m Turkey. Mi’ also said Obama’s incelini; vvith DTP leader Türk vvas An indîcation ol Obama vievving ılır I »I I’ as a parry as the peaceful solution to the problem. The DTP vvill emphasize in the file that the Kıııdislı problem could besolved through greater demoeracy vvithin Turkev’s unitary strueture as vvell as strengthening loeal adminis trations and bringing constitutional safeguards to the rights of Kuuls.

Uneasiness with the term “moderate İslam” The CHb plans to express its uneasiness vvith the “moderate İslam” description attributed to Turkey by the former George Bush administration, statİng their expectation that Obama’s administration vvıll abandon such an understanding. Bahçeli isexpected to sav thal Turkey attached great impor tance to the fighl vvith the outlavved Kurdistan VVorkers’ I’artv, or PKK, expressing their vvish that Turkev’s allies should simflarly carry out f’he’ıı responsibilities in the issue.

The MHP agreed to meet vvith Obama on the grounds that the meetings took place iııdividııallv betvveen Obama and the political parry leaders.
Businessmen, meanvvhile, vvant re freshed talks on building qualified industrial zones to be able to inerease customs-free trade to the United States. Speaking to dailv

Hürriyet yesterday, former Chairman of the Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association, or TGSD, and businessman Umut Oran said a qualified industrial zone could be estoblished in the southeastem region of the country in a bid to improve development in the region and inerease exports to the United States. The project vvill also dravv tourists to the region, according to Oran. Ali Balkız, the chairman of the Alevi Bektashi Federafion, remains among participants vvho have been invited to the special session in Parlia ment to listen to Obama’s address. He said thev already conveyed their demands on the problems concerning Turkev’s Alevi population to the Türkish government and that the problem vvas a domestic issue t o be solved vvithin the country. The invitation, hovvever, revealed their messages on the issue and their voice vvere heard by the nevv U.S administration.

Hürriyet Daily News 06.04.2009