Umut Oran
Press Statement

Mr. Umut Oran, Vice-Co Chairman of the Turkey – EU Joint Parliamentary Commitee and member of the parliament from Republican People’s Party, said:

“In the 16th and 17th Extraordinary Party Congress our party renewed the statue of our party with a progressive, social democratic and participatory approach. We have empowered the right to choose and get choosen, we dedicate 40 percent of the party budget to the local representatives and with the new quotas to the young people and the women, we have shown a strong will to promote and improve gender equality and equal opportunity in our party and in our society.

As CHP we have a responsibility to our people as the major progressive social democratic force in the country to show the real democratic approach in all sides of the politics. With the changes that we have made, I think we kept our promise. When we look at the statue changes, we see a new participatory regime in our party politics, we shifted power from the center to the members, from Ankara to local bodies, we give  a new energy and new finance capabilities to our party organizations. We have strenghthened our party.

With the new energy that we have gathered from the congress, we are focused to win the next local elections. We have got a 92 years old party with strong roots, which have seen lots of struggle, challenge, war and pressure but never surrendered. Now, we have got a new challenge. With a government which wants to reshape all sides of life in his own image, with a prime minister who wants to control all the power bases, a governing party with totalitarian reflexes we have a responsibility to our people to protect our democracy and reinforce freedom and human equality. We have got a justice system to reform,  systematic breaches of human rights to abolish, a young nation to prosper and a dynamic society to live a vibrant democracy. “The country of hope and freedom” is our perspective and we will reach this goal.”