Umut Oran

Press Release


From the first day of Gezi Park protests, lots of statements condemning PM Erdoğan has been issued from every corner of the world. After UN Secretary General and the White House, the European Parliament followed suit and severely denounced the policies of Erdoğan and AKP government. Hence, Erdoğan’s democratic legitimacy is being questioned all over the world.

PM Erdoğan confirmed that he is not able to govern and he also lost his political competence due to his antidemocratic, authoritarian and despotic administration. From the beginning until now, Erdoğan’s stance and policies created turmoil and reduced Turkey to the level of third-class democracies. Erdoğan should hand over his office before causing further damage.

Another result of the resolution adopted by the European Parliament is the deterioration of relations with the European Union. Nowadays, suspension of accession negotiations is being discussed apparently. Some PM’s oppose to proposals to suspend negotiations on the ground that such an act could in fact be beneficial to PM Erdoğan. All the efforts towards EU membership seem to end up with total divergence from EU. Under these circumstances, EU Minister Mr. Egemen Bağış who proved unsuccessful in opening new chapters, who wrote down progress reports on his own, who frequently involves in quarrels with his colleagues, who does not pay due attention to the severity of the issue and who continues to follow a totally failed policy, should get the appropriate lessons and do what is necessary or resign immediately.