Press Release of Mr. Umut Oran, Co-Chair of the Turkey – Eu Joint Parliamentary Committee and the Vice President of the Republican People’s Party


“Do not think that the visionless Justice and Development Party (AKP) government is representing all of the Turkish Nation and please open the chapters regarding the Regional Policy & Coordination of Structural Instruments,  Judiciary & Fundamental Rights and Justice, Freedom & Security”


The unjust, unlawful and unequal arbitrary government actions remind everybody that the Turkish – EU relations has a crucial importance for our nation except the AKP Government.


With the EU oriented reforms, we can change these unjust policies and establish rule of law. We can achieve higher democratic standards and so we can prevent any arbitrary authoritarian government actions.


We believe that, with the EU process we can raise the quality of life in Turkey in many aspects, from the competition environment in the business world to the higher standards of food that we consume, from the quality of the public services to the standards of the goods that we buy.


Because of all this reasons and more on, to be a member of the EU, that is representing the “modern civilization” vision of the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is an important target for us.


Any progress to achieve this target will empower our regional effectiveness and global position.


With our young and dynamic population we can also help EU in many regards and with our geopolitic location we can empower the EU’s political and economic statute in the world.


For this reason the Turkish – EU relations, which is continuing for more than 50 years with an aim of accession,  is far more important for both of the parties and should not be ruined because of the actions of the visionless policies of the Prime Minister Erdoğan and EU Minister Egemen Bağış.


To be a part of the European Union is a state policy for Turkey and Turkey has a right to be a full member of the Union.


With the values of democracy, human rights and rule of law, EU should open the necessary chapters in the negotiation process in order to support and  keep Turkey in the road of full membership. Chapter 22 regarding the  Regional Policy & Coordination of Structural Instruments should not be blockaded and chapters 23 regarding Judiciary & Fundamental Rights and chapter 24 regarding Justice, Freedom & Security should be open in order to renew the Turkish – EU accession process. By opening these chapters for negation we can  meet the demands of the people who want freedom and democracy. Blockading these chapters will help only to the groups that want an authoritarian, undemocratic regime in our country.


I address all of the decision makers in Europe who is sharing the grand vision of Jean Monnet, please do not think that the visionless AKP Government is representing all of the Turkish nation and please open the chapters regarding Regional policies, Judiciary & Fundamental Rights and Justice, Freedom and Security in the negotiation process. As CHP we will support and monitor any progress.