CHP MP raised a question regarding Cyprus at the Turkish Grand National Assembly addressed to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. In this context Umut Oran, referred to Biden’s statement, asking Davutoğlu whether they also think that the Turkish Soldiers in Cyprus are intruding.

The following is the questions Oran presented to TBMM: US Vice president Joe Biden, during his speech at the Harvard University on the 2nd October 2014 exerted the following important informative words regarding Turkey:

“Throughout my career, and preceding everyone in the congress I am someone who has been closely followed the Cyprus Problem. My friends call me Joe Bidenopolis. It is not a joke. Since the illegal occupation I have been following this issue with passion. But the issue is this. As I said the world is changing. Three things have happened. Firstly, has completely understood that the presence of their soldiers in Cyprus does not provide them with benefits. Secondly, Erdoğan has experienced a breakage with the only section which gives importance to occupation. And this is the Turkish army. Thirdly, just newly (with Erdogan) we havecontacted and in order to understand whether we will do two things he has offered to meet me again in Ankara.”  In this context:

1. Has Turkey got a preparation in a rooted political change regarding north Cyprus and the island of Cyprus?

2. Is your government seeing the legal interference of the island as a guarantor state in 1974 as an “illegal occupation?”

3. Is your government seeing the Turkish army in north Cyprus, using Biden’s expression as a “intruder”?

4. Is the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) going to continue their presence in north Cyprus? Have you got a plan to withdraw the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces Command back to the island?

5. What are the two things in Biden’s “to understand whether we will do two things?”

6. Is there are reason for Turkey to share the important political changes regarding north Cyprus with US Vice President Joe “Bidenopolis” before the Turkish public and TBMM?

7. Is TCG Gallipoli still continuing its duty in the Mediterranean near the island of Cyprus?

8. Why are you not preventing south Cyprus from continuing its Eastern Mediterranean natural gas drilling, do you have a promise which you gave to the US and south Cyprus? What is the reason for Foreign Affairs minister of south Cyprus Kasulidis statement that the US has given them a commitment that there will be no harassment in preventing the drilling ship from doing its job? Regarding this issue, which authority in the USA, and with what commitment have they made?