Mr. Oran was elected to be president of IAF (International Apparel Federation) in December 2nd, 2002 during the 19th international congress held in Istanbul in June and completed his duty successfully in December 3rd, 2003.

International Apparel Federation founded by a group of American, European and Japanese apparel manufacturers in 1976 and aims at supporting common efforts of its members and shares experiences with apparel manufacturers all around the world.
IAF, to have been continuing its operations for longer than 25 years has become the widest and largest federation representing apparel manufacturers and other industry related companies all around the world. Associations of 27 member countries of Iaf represent more than 130.000 companies and employ 5 million personnel.
Iaf Board meets twice a year. Annual General Meetings are held in London every fall. The Iaf President elected annually has to be an apparel manufacturer. Member associations may participate in all activities of Iaf and be represented in various committees. Each member has a chair in the council of Representatives in the General Meeting.
Iaf’s center is located in London, England. Secretariat General manages all activities of the federation and assists the members in various researches and contacting bodies and organizations with a role in the apparel industry.